Lucy Tindall

Lucy graduated from the University of Hull with a BSc in Psychology in 2007 followed by an MSc in Health Psychology from Coventry University in 2009.   Lucy joined the COMIC research team as a trial coordinator in 2011 working on the CITADEL trial: A feasibility study and pilot trial of computerised cognitive behaviour therapy for depression in adolescents.  Lucy is currently working as a trial coordinator on the ASPECT trial (Alleviating Specific Phobias Experienced by Children Trial).   This is a non-inferiority randomised controlled trial comparing the clinical and cost-effectiveness of one-session treatment (OST) with multi session cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) in children with specific phobias.  Alongside this, Lucy is completing a part-time PhD funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) examining the use of computerised behavioural therapies for the treatment of young people with depression.